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At Adam Ahmed & Co we have qualified commercial lawyers and qualified accountants meaning we can leverage both sets of skills to your maximum advantage.

We offer:

We are a business law firm offering:

  • tax law advice and assistance with tax audits and disputes
  • tax planning and asset protection
  • commercial and business law advice
  • negotiation and drafting of contracts
  • migration law assistance – applying for visas and appealing decisions
  • property law advice and negotiation – for example negotiations with developers
  • government grant assistance – in particular research and development grants and export market development grants

Our focus is on getting the strategy right.  This is the best way to optimise results. Tax Lawyers Sydney

Adam Ahmed & Co


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Tax Lawyers Sydney

Adam Ahmed
Adam Ahmed

My key skills are commercial negotiation and strategic thinking. I’ve successfully managed tax audits, disputes and other tax issues (including tax planning) more times than I can count.
I’ve helped clients claim millions of dollars in Government grants. I’ve negotiated some very favourable commercial deals, some of which have large payouts (recently had a developer added another ‘0’ to the end of their offer).
I’m happy to share my track record with you. God knows my wife is sick of hearing about it.
I focus on:

  • Tax law – domestic and international – tax planning, transactions and disputes
  • Asset protection – including liquidation and insolvency
  • Commercial transactions and negotiations
  • Negotiating property transactions
  • Government grants
  • Maximizing business potential

I can speak Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi (on occasion) and I also pretend I can speak Spanish, Malay, Tamil and Cantonese.

David Gordon
David Gordon

My key skill is my ability to absorb a vast amount of complex information and synthesise it to bring out the issues that matter. Over the last 20 years I’ve worked with lawyers from various fields, so I have a good general understanding of most areas of law and I’ve picked up quite a few tricks along the way.

I focus on:

  • property
  • estate
  • commercial and business
  • environment and planning
  • legal costing
  • liquor licensing
  • debt recovery and insolvency
Stefanus Tirtadjaja
Stefanus Tirtadjaja

I first started working in immigration law 10 years ago before becoming a banker. My key skill is with commercial transactions, rules and regulations. With these skills.

I focus on

  • assisting in the immigration law part of the firm
  • commercial deals
  • Government grants

I can also speak Indonesian and French.

Mia Zhang
Mia Zhang

I work in the government grants area of the business, specifically the export market development grant and the small business grant.

I bring to bear considerable experience in accounting and administration including having worked in finance and government (in Australia and internationally).

I have a Masters in Commerce and a Bachelor of Business Administration and speaks fluent Mandarin.

Diana Yepes
Diana Yepes

I first started practicing as a lawyer in South America, working for over a decade in large corporate and multinationals.

I had to deal with a lot of different personalities among different countries and just get things done.

My key skill is getting things done.

I focus on:

  • assisting in the immigration law part of the firm.
  • International transactions

I can also speak Spanish.

Tawseef Chowdhury
Tawseef Chowdhury

A former civil engineer turned office worker, I help look after the internal process of the firm. I also

  • help with Government grants
  • assist in the immigration law area of the practice.

I can speak Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and on a good day some Arabic.

Madli PaIm
Madli PaIm

My key skills are marketing and web design.

I’m responsible for this awesome website you’re looking at and many of our banners. I’m also trying to connect people who need us with us.

I can speak Estonian, Finnish and Russian.

Fred Curby
Fred Curby

My key skills are building customer relationships. I’m the friendly voice on the end of the line letting you know that you might be eligible for  a Government grant, or how we can help you grow your business or solve a problem.

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john sugrue

Adam Ahmed has been representing me since March 2014. His depth of knowledge and his professionalism are the best in the industry.


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