Property Law

You’re property is your most valuable asset.  You buy it, you sell it, you give it to your kids.  You fight with the neighbour, or work with the neighbour.  You develop it.  It’s your home.

Free information on property law in Australia:

The Development Of The Law On Forced Easements In NSW – Section 88K Of The Conveyancing Act

Gone are the days when the old saying “A man’s home is his castle” held true. These days, the amount of legislation regulating how we are able to use our land is overwhelming. When it comes to planning and development, public authorities such as local councils have almost unlimited rights to impose on our pockets of land. […]

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What To Look Out For In Queensland House Property Contracts

As a purchaser of residential property in Queensland it is important to be aware of your rights before signing a contract of sale.  An agent will often present the contract to you with urgent instructions to sign and return, however it is essential for the contract to be reviewed by a solicitor who can provide […]

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Purchasing A NSW Property? Seven Key Contract Terms To Consider

If you’re looking for a property in NSW, you’ve probably come across one or two property contracts. Have you noticed how thick they are? When you add a building and pest report (and the strata report if you’re buying an apartment), it’s enough to break your back! If you feel bogged down by all contract […]

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