Business Law

If you’re starting a business, running a business or just interacting with a business you’ll have seen red tape, contracts and sometimes disputes.  The laws for business are many.  Ultimately everyone has rights, you just need to know what they are.

Free information on commercial / business law in Australia:

Defending Unfair Preference Payment Claims From Liquidators

Not many people know that they could also be on the hook if one of their customers goes into liquidation.  Liquidators have broad powers to recover payments made by companies under liquidation to their suppliers.  The most common way liquidators may seek to recover money from a supplier is by claiming the payment is an “unfair preference payment”. […]

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Starting A New Business? Consider These 8 Points Before You Do

You’re excited. You’re about to embark on a wonderful new opportunity – you’re starting a new business with a new business partner. You feel hopeful and optimistic. Nothing can go wrong, right? But things can and do. Business relationships, like all relationships in life, go through ups and downs and sadly, break ups too. Working […]

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Are Directors Personally Liable For The Debts Of An Insolvent Company?

A company is a separate legal entity and has its own properties, duties and rights.  The company can own and sell property and other assets, sue and be sued and enter into contracts in its corporate name.  This means that the company’s debts are its own, however there are several instances where a director may […]

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How To Respond To A Statement Of Claim Or Debt Collector

You are probably reading this because you were served with a statement of claim or served court papers by a process server. Usually mail is unwelcome – ads or bills – but this takes it to the next level. It seems people are quick to go to debt collectors or the court process to recover […]

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