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Can I Claim The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)?

What is it? It helps you pay for your marketing costs when selling your products overseas by reimbursing you (up to 50%) for amounts you spend on promoting your products and services for export (except to New Zealand and North Korea) Most products and services where the intended buyer is a foreigner will qualify, so […]

Beware: Developers May Be Tempted To Use Sunset Clauses To Cancel NSW Property Contracts In A Rising Market

In real property terms, buying off the plan mean signing a contract to purchase a property, whether it is an apartment, townhouse or a house and land before it is built.  Buyers would pay a 10% deposit upfront and can be left waiting for years for the project to be completed and settled.  On top […]

Tax Audit Review Success Stories

The very words ‘tax audit’ strike fear into many people. But audits aren’t always a bad thing. In fact, sometimes they can work in your favour. To illustrate this, here’s some real life success stories: A client was audited for GST. After some back and forth with the tax office, it turned out they had […]

Easements 101: What Are Easements On The Title Of Land And What Do They Mean?

In New South Wales the Conveyancing Act 1919 (“the Act”) is the legislation which expresses and regulates the essential law relating generally to land in NSW. Other legislation, such as The Real Property Act 1900 and the acts relating to Strata Titles and Crown Lands, cover specific kinds of title. This article will explain the provisions of […]

The 6 Stages Of Dealing With ATO Audits

It’s a phone call many of us dread. The ATO is on the line informing you they’ve decided to audit you. The panic sets in and you lose all sense of rational thought. But just stop and breathe. The chances you’ve done something truly wrong are minimal. Even if you have made a mistake, the […]